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Bill Bensley, founder of Interheaven

Jan 31,2024 | SEEYE

We Specialize in the creation of paradise on earth.

——Bill Bensley

Bill Bensley is a jack-of-all-trades, with architecture + planning + landscaping + interior design all involved.

With the title of "gardener, fisherman, architect, interior designer ...... "



Bill Bensley specializes in integrating architectural structures, landscape and nature.

He has been involved in the design of many of the world's finest resorts, hotels, residences and even palaces,

including The Peninsula Bangkok, Four Seasons Hangzhou, Mandarin Oriental, Sanya,

InterContinental Danang and JW Marriott Vietnam.

His work presents a picture of palatial luxury, but at a deeper level, each of his works is centered on

"social, environmental and sustainable development".


▲ Artwork Capella Ubud by Bill Bensley

    Bensley's projects are visually striking. He believes that "luxury is dead". In Bensley's design work, he seeks to maintain the integrity of the forest in order to achieve environmental and social sustainability in the finished work, thus providing a unique experience for the traveler.


▲ Artwork Shinta Mani Angkor by Bill Bensley

    Bensley's bold and innovative projects span the farthest corners of Southeast Asia, from Cambodia to Phuket, through the renovation of a university in Vietnam and the palace of the Sultan of Malaysia. The designer lives in Bangkok and is passionate about environmental conservation and the death of luxury.


▲ Artwork Shinta Mani Wild by Bill Bensley

    This resort is the culmination of all that Bill has learned in his 35 years as a hotelier. He bought the land with his friend Sokoun Chandpreda in the hope of saving it from poaching and logging. This became the centerpiece of the project. He describes the resort as a "sustainable utopia" with a low impact on the land, while at the same time serving as a research and conservation center.


▲ Artwork Shinta Mani Wild by Bill Bensley

    A key part of protecting the forest is the partnership with the Wildlife Federation, whose daily patrols are funded by the cost of guests staying at the camp. This creates a sustainable measure of forest policing.

    BENSLEY has taken the tented camp genre a step further by protecting it and by providing long-term employment opportunities for the residents of this area, which has little infrastructure and where many of the staff are converted from ex-poachers.


▲ Artwork Capella Hanoi by Bill Bensley




   As with all BENSLEY projects, Bill approached Capella Hanoi with the mindset of a storyteller, intent on teaching his guests something new and creating an unforgettable experience. It starts with a story .....





    The small palace tells the stories of 47 different actors, opera singers, composers, stage and costume designers, and audiences passing through Hanoi over the past 150 years. Each piece recounts the story of high society in the old days. This story is told by over a thousand pieces of original memorabilia, costumes, theater programs, photographs, sets, opera spectacles, and the incredible original portrait art of Kate Spencer.


▲ Artwork JW Marriott Phu Quoc by Bill Bensley

    The design of the JW Marriott Phu Quoc enforces environmentalism through the sourcing of interiors, using more than 5,000 upcycled antiques, giving many of Bensley's stories layers of history - not everything needs to be brand new in every new hotel.


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