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16 mbti room styles

Dec 15,2023 | SEEYE

"What is your MBTI?"

"Are you an i-type person or an e-type person?"


The social code has unconsciously shifted to the hotspot of MBTI, and the personality code summarized in four letters seems to have become the "new business card" for socializing nowadays.

In addition to people, everything can now correspond to MBTI.


If you don't know your mbti personality, take the time to test it.


(It'll take about ten minutes.)


Since everything can be MBTI, let's take a look at the internal space corresponding to the 16 personalities!




NT Intuition and Reason


「INTJ Independent Thinking, Insight, Reasoning」


Modern Style
   - INTJs like simplicity and functionality, so a modern room with minimalist design, abstract art and contemporary furnishings might suit them.


「INTP Critical Thinking, Independent Inquiry, Curiosity」


Modern Minimalist Style
   - INTPs like simplicity and logic, so a modern minimalist room with minimalist design, neutral colors and functional furniture might suit them.


「ENTJ Resolute, decisive, leadership」


Luxury Style
    - ENTJs like authority and success, so a luxury style room with plush furnishings, fine materials, and sophisticated décor may be right for them.


「ENTP is resourceful, innovative and adventurous」


Work Cafe Style
    - ENTPs like to be creative and challenged, so a Work Café style room with comfortable seating, bookshelves and a creative workspace might suit them.




NF Intuitive and Sensitive


「INFJ Insightful, Intuitive, Compassionate」


Art Deco Style
   - INFJs often seek depth and beauty, so an Art Deco room with artwork, unique décor and creativity might suit them.


「INFP Idealistic, loyal, creative」

Nature's Style
   - INFPs tend to prefer a house style that is unique, spiritual and creative. They focus on the beauty and individuality of the house and like to create an inspiring and imaginative home environment.INFPs may prefer a natural and greenery eco-friendly house style that emphasizes elements of nature and eco-friendly ideas.


「ENFJ, passionate, compassionate, influential」


Cozy Ballroom Style
    - ENFJs like to be social and cozy, so a cozy ballroom style room with a large dining table, warm lighting and space to socialize may be right for them.


「ENFP Passionate, Imaginative, Diverse Lives」


Artist Studio Style
    - ENFPs love to create and be inspired, so an Artist Studio Style room with an art workspace, large windows and creative space may be right for them.




SF Experience and Sensibility


「ISFJ is gentle, caring, and loyal」


Country Style
   - ISFJs like to be warm and cozy, so a rustic room with wooden furniture, floral patterns and a warm atmosphere might suit them.


「ISFP is kind, sensitive and flexible」


bohemian style
   - ISFPs love freedom and creativity, so a bohemian room with artwork, bright colors, and diverse materials might suit them.


「ESFJ is friendly, responsible and organized」


Family Style
    - ESFJs like a cozy and homey atmosphere, so a home-style room with family photos, comfortable furniture, and home décor might suit them.


「ESFP. Friendly, optimistic, fun」


Colorful style
    - ESFPs like things striking and colorful, so a colorful room with bright colors, diverse decor and entertainment may suit them.



ST Experience and Reason


「ISTJ Serious, reliable, traditional」


Traditional Style
   - ISTJs usually like things classic and traditional, so a traditional-style room with classic furniture, neutral tones, and a neat layout might suit them.


「ISTP calm, flexible, adaptable」


industrial style
   - ISTPs like practicality and uniqueness, so an industrial style room with raw materials, dark tones and industrial style elements might suit them.


「ESTJ is pragmatic, decisive and responsible」


Business Style
    - ESTJs like to be organized and professional, so a business style room with a neat layout, business furniture and neutral colors might suit them.


「ESTP Optimistic, flexible and adventurous」


urban modern style
   - ESTPs enjoy a vibrant and social environment, so an urban modern style room with contemporary design, urban elements, and entertainment areas may be right for them.



Remember that personality type is only one part of an individual and this match should not be relied upon too heavily to determine interior design style. The most important thing is to ensure that the room reflects the actual needs and personality preferences of the occupant.