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Canada, Six Housing Types

Jan 12,2024 | SEEYE

⭐️ Bungalow
    It is a common type of housing in Canada. It consists of a main building on the first floor and a basement level, usually with a garage. The living room, kitchen and rooms are all on the first floor, while the basement level is a semi-basement without a separate entrance or exit. This type of house usually has a small window for lighting and ventilation; some basements have a separate entrance or exit for outdoor use.



⭐️ House
    The first floor is basically the living room and kitchen, as well as the laundry room and a toilet without a shower, the master bedroom and other rooms are on the second floor, the basement will mostly be decorated as an entertainment space, such as audio-visual room or gym, or will be partitioned into a room and a kitchen to rent out the basement, some of which will also have independent entrance and exit. Some basements also have separate entrance and exit doors. A detached house usually has a garage with parking for at least two cars.



⭐️ Semi-detached
    A house that is like two detached houses connected together, often bought by friends and family so that they have their own space and a good neighborhood to live in.



⭐️ Townhouse
    Townhouses are a bit like the rows of houses connected together in Taiwan. The interior design is similar to that of detached houses and semi-detached houses, with a living room and kitchen on the first floor and a toilet without a shower, while the main rooms are on the second floor and above, most of them are three storeys high. Some townhouses are community houses with centralized management and some public facilities, while others are connected to apartments. Personally, I think the staircases in townhouses are usually steeper than those in houses.


⭐️ Condominium
    Condominiums with management and common facilities. Common facilities vary from building to building, but basically there are gymnasiums, billiard rooms, indoor golf practice rooms, recreation rooms, multi-purpose rooms that can be rented out for events, and in some cases there are movie theaters, swimming pools, billiard rooms, and even basketball, racquetball, and bowling alleys. Each unit in the condominium can be divided into several rooms, several den (den is not the full size of a room, but there is a small space without windows, which is usually used as a study room), and several toilets, such as: one bedroom with one bathroom and one kitchen, one bedroom + 1 den + one bathroom and one kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen, etc. Each unit has a washer and dryer. Each unit will have a washer and dryer. The basement of the building is a parking lot, which can be used for lodging and visitor parking.

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⭐️ Apartment
    Similar to a condominium, this type of apartment may not have a management office, may have a lower number of floors, and does not have its own laundry and drying facilities, but instead has a shared laundry and drying machine on the first floor. The special thing about this type of apartment is that it can only be rented, not bought or sold.

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