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home dressing for Christmas

Dec 05,2023 | SEEYE



                                             jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.


You can always hear this highly symbolic song when you walk down the street every Christmas.


Yes, Christmas is coming!

    Every time the festive atmosphere always comes a little earlier than expected,

whether your city as early as a few weeks ago can be seen everywhere in full bloom Christmas tree;

Every window is full of bells, candies;

Happy atmosphere is always inadvertently infected the pedestrians passing by.

    What are you going to do for Christmas this year?

Meet your friends at home for a dinner and chat? Or go shopping to feel the Christmas atmosphere?

Decorating your home in the pre-Christmas period is a way for people to get rid of the winter cold.
So, what kind of decoration is the perfect element to create a "warm home"? Come and take a look!


Living Room

    The living room as the soul of the home, every time a guest comes home to the first place must be the living room, natural living room face value is the most important ah! High-value living room not only need one or two places of the pen, in the details also need to put a little more effort.

    Christmas tree is essential. A sturdy evergreen tree is surrounded by a variety of small ornaments, Bling Bling.




    Staircases are often overlooked, but they are more immersive when they are also decorated with Christmas elements.

    How about wrapping rattan around the handrail of the staircase, which can also be adorned with strips of lights to extend the Christmas spirit of the living room to the second floor.

C76217s            室内内的花瓣采集图片-软装张小姐           查看图片



    Green is the closest color to nature. In the cold winds, everything withered winter, if the bedroom is decorated with some green, then every day home as if it is into the spring, by the cold wind blowing irritable mood will also become cool and calm.

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Put organizers about Christmas in the corners, light strips around the bed, and rugs with Christmas elements on the floor.



    A balcony decorated with care and attention is like a warm embrace when the festive evening arrives.

    Make sure it's safe to put an inflatable Santa Claus hanging at the balcony or dress up the glass with stickers. A little imagination is all that's needed to create an unexpected effect with your own accent lights hanging from the balcony.


Look at Santa Claus is going over the balcony and heading to your house.



In this joyful Christmas day, let us use color and creativity to dispel the cold of winter night for their homes, so that the home becomes a warm embrace to embrace the future!

A cozy home, happiness is indispensable, whether it is Christmas or ordinary days, spend more effort to decorate your home, a good atmosphere is the driving force of life for the whole family.