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2021-2022 A' Design Award

Oct 10,2023 | SEEYE

Design is a carrier to convey the concept of life and a yardstick for measuring ideal life. Even just a chair can convey a certain culture of life.


Shelter Desk

 Joao Teixeira

When designing the Shelter desk, our main inspiration was to develop something that focuses on both functionality and aesthetics. We wanted to come up with a solution that would enhance the user's organizational layout with useful features such as clean cable management and convenient storage, thus increasing their productivity.


DC 3 Stool

Sergio Fahrer

Designer Sergio Fahrer's stool is inspired by 1950s monoplanes. In order to enhance the visual beauty, the designer used a multi-layer curve superposition method on the edge of the stool, which not only minimized the use of wood in the entire production process, but also made the support structure produced by multiple lines quite stable and highly artistic.


Object Splash Proof Partition

Akira Nakagomi 

This anti-splash partition looks ordinary at first glance, but it is both futuristic and has the stamp of the times. A partition full of design beauty, both reassuring and letting people see the light in life, is also quite a lovely existence.


Zagros Candles

Mohammad Meyzari and Reza Deris 

The product's design is inspired by the Zagros Mountains in Iran. Mountains have traditionally been seen as a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth and the origin of the life-giving heat of the sun. The designers therefore responded to this natural concept by allowing a flame to burn in the mountains. The black color is both rustic and modern, but the most important feature of this product is the reusable gas capsule that burns for a longer period of time, with a non-smoky flame, which meets the modern requirements of the home environment.


Woven Armchair

Chen Kuan-Cheng

Inspired by waterfalls, the chair's backrest and armrests flow downward in a beautiful latticework, symbolizing the fusion of wood and bamboo and the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Combining the flexibility of bamboo with the strength of wood creates the perfect chair.


Modular Table

by Katalin Brigitta Csiki

Mubic is a modular table that can be converted from a coffee table to a dining table for 2, 4 or 6 people without disassembling it, just by rotating its legs.